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# Project Tracker Status Category Bdc Subject Assignee Target version Estimated time Due date % Done
3366 Harmony Evolution Commentaire ORM Prefix Database tables columns names with table name ? Erwan L. Harmony - 0.10.0

3503 Harmony Anomalie Commentaire UI Not work Licence menu button Erwan L. Harmony - 0.10.0

16414 Harmony Bundle Licenses Anomalie Nouveau Bad path in Manifest Erwan L.

16426 Harmony Bundle Social Anomalie Nouveau Annotation not available Erwan L.

6332 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Update link to documention Erwan L. Harmony - 0.10.0

3746 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Core Add menu id in MenuWrappers Erwan L. Harmony - 0.10.0

3587 Harmony Bundle Navigation Menu Anomalie Nouveau When generate menu, generated code reference all activity (for entity) even if doesn't exists Harmony Team Core Harmony - 0.10.0

4220 Harmony Anomalie Nouveau Core Incorrect generated strings in strings.xml when launching unit tests Harmony Team Core Harmony - 0.10.0

11079 Harmony Evolution Nouveau UI Harmony composite key generate URI fail in view template generation Erwan L. Harmony - 0.10.0

3307 Harmony Evolution Commentaire Core Generate *.old file Erwan L. Harmony - 0.10.0

4938 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Core Remove PinnedHeaderList & Sherlock Erwan L. Harmony - 0.10.0

3931 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Bundle Bundle Country Erwan L. Harmony - 0.10.0

4105 Harmony Anomalie Nouveau UI Bundle PinnedHeaderListView Erwan L. Harmony - 0.10.0

3183 Harmony Evolution En cours Core Problem in unitary tests on Samsung Android V4.1.2 Erwan L. Harmony - 0.10.0

3035 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Bundle E.164 : The international public telecommunication numbering plan Erwan L. Harmony - 0.10.0

3094 Harmony Evolution Nouveau ORM ORM add @HasLifecycleCallbacks Erwan L. Harmony - 0.10.0

3152 Harmony Evolution Nouveau UI Add Bundle NavigationTab Erwan L. Harmony - 0.10.0

10203 Harmony Anomalie Nouveau Core Fixtures folder does not exist Erwan L.

10201 Harmony Anomalie Nouveau Core Too Long Log Tags Erwan L.

4802 Harmony Evolution Nouveau In showFragment, OneToMany or ManyToMany concat Erwan L.

4801 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Header javadoc "copyright" Erwan L.

4799 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Javadoc "create" in editFragment Erwan L.

4004 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Core Create adatpers & templates for WindowsPhone Erwan L. Harmony - 1.4.0

4149 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Bundle Create bundle to add stacktrace in a file on exceptions Harmony Team Core Harmony - 1.0.0

3136 Harmony Evolution Nouveau UI Change SherlockBar by ActionBar.Compact Harmony Team Core Harmony - 1.0.0

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