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# Project Tracker Status Category Bdc Subject Assignee Target version Estimated time Due date % Done
11122 Harmony Evolution Fermé Harmony windows make orm:fixture:init not crashing Antoine C. Harmony - 0.8.0

11119 Harmony Evolution Fermé Core Harmony windows EntityBase upgrade Antoine C. Harmony - 0.8.0

11118 Harmony Evolution Fermé Core Harmony on project:init:xxx check template existence Antoine C. Harmony - 0.8.0

11111 Harmony Evolution Fermé Core Harmony Android update freemarker for scrolling in edit_fragment and add_fragment Antoine C. Harmony - 0.8.0

11103 Harmony Evolution Rejeté HARMONY Harmony Symfony bundle create project not correctly based on android entities Harmony - 0.9.0

11102 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Core Harmony android WebServiceClient[SpecificEntity] getAll is not well conformed with need symfony pagination Harmony - 0.10.0

11080 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Core Harmony inheritance single table children SQLiteAdapterBase query syntax error Harmony - 0.10.0

11079 Harmony Evolution Nouveau UI Harmony composite key generate URI fail in view template generation Erwan L. Harmony - 0.10.0

7437 Harmony Bundle Rest Evolution Nouveau Migrate WinPhone To Windows Antoine C.

7405 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Windows migrate windowsphone 8 to windows universal app Antoine C.

7404 Harmony Evolution Fermé Windows update template for CRUD Antoine C. Harmony - 0.8.0

7392 Harmony Anomalie Fermé Windows Phone patch for file generation Antoine C.

6808 Harmony Anomalie Fermé Test project updateAll and deleteAll failed Antoine C. Harmony - 0.8.0

6807 Harmony Anomalie En cours Update harmony for last appcompat updates Antoine C. Harmony - 0.10.0

6806 Harmony Anomalie Fermé Update harmony generation for theme Antoine C. Harmony - 0.8.0

6804 Harmony Anomalie Fermé Core OneToMany relation issue Sandra B. Harmony - 0.8.0

6757 Harmony Anomalie Rejeté Remove android support v4 from base harmony project Antoine C. Harmony - 0.8.0


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