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2138 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Handle SQLiteConstraintExceptions Harmony - 1.2.0

2527 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Generate delta upgrade database Harmony - 1.0.0

2990 Harmony Evolution Nouveau ORM orm:fixture:load => pregenerate Database in assets with app fixtures Harmony - 0.8.0

2993 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Bundle Bundle Geocoder Harmony - 0.8.0

3178 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Publier un communiqué de presse sur les sites spécialisés Harmony - 0.8.0

3332 Harmony Evolution Commentaire Core Put CreateTasks in own file Harmony - 1.0.0

4076 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Bundle Documentation contributing

4292 Harmony Anomalie Nouveau Core Add javadoc on updater Harmony - 0.7.1

4358 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Create IOS template Harmony - 0.8.0

4498 Harmony Bundle Rest Evolution Nouveau Rest bundle required fixture (dataloader + yml/xml) for unit test

6510 Harmony Anomalie Nouveau Core Fix problem in provider utils Harmony - 0.8.0

7292 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Core Problem when entity is EntityResource and has no field Harmony - 0.8.0

7537 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Core iOS Xib template, generate random ids Harmony - 2.0.0

7554 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Core iOS in SQLiteAdapter, add request with batch Harmony - 0.8.0

7599 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Core Change version of AFNetworking Harmony - 0.8.0

8445 Harmony Bundle Rest Anomalie Nouveau Error in generated code for Resource (inherits) without fields Harmony - 1.0.0

8448 Harmony Anomalie Nouveau Bundle Error in template TemplateProviderAdapterBase for rest resource with Sync Harmony - 1.0.0

8572 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Core IOS template, WebService, generate uri must in lowercase Harmony - 1.0.0

10273 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Update Gradle version to 3.3

10287 Harmony Bundle Rest Anomalie Nouveau Fix unit tests testImport & testEntities

10417 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Core Add gradle's files to template project Harmony - 0.8.0

10618 Harmony Anomalie Nouveau Core Handle multiple ids in entities

10950 Harmony Anomalie Nouveau Core mimeType declared in AndroidManifest must be in lowercase Harmony - 0.9.0

11017 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Create Unit Tests for O2O Bidir mapping

11018 Harmony Evolution Nouveau Update IOS templates for O2O Bidir mapping

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