Version 0.6.3

Added by Erwan L. over 7 years ago



Change log

Evolution #3314: Add method to clear time/date/both in DateTimeWidgets
Evolution #3315: DateTimeWidgets => Send clicked view in OnDate/TimeClickListener
Evolution #3491: More visibility for fixture insertion error
Evolution #3867: Generate static page
Evolution #3983: Update unit tests in all bundles
Evolution #3986: Update tests of all bundle with 0.6.2 implementation
Evolution #4018: Separate Contract and ContractBase in a file for each entity
Evolution #4024: Simplify the system of asking questions to user or use the parameters
Evolution #4025: Apply questions simplification to everywhere it should be used
Evolution #4108: On Analyse Models, warning message more explicit ?
Anomalie #3302: Gradle package to use
Anomalie #3603: Exception when generate crud
Anomalie #3690: SQLite : Ambiguous column name
Anomalie #3891: Check that Log.d calls are preceded by if ({} app. DEBUG)
Anomalie #3955: Display an error when we try to call a bundle wich doesn't exists
Anomalie #3975: demact test unresolved import
Anomalie #3989: Empty bundle generation fails
Anomalie #3990: In Demact => Can't click on a user in UserList to see the details
Anomalie #4014: IndexOutOfBounds in generated project
Anomalie #4019: Error in sqlAdapter template with sync and manytomany
Anomalie #4030: Adapt new contract mechanics everywhere
Anomalie #4084: Replace InheritanceMode.SINGLE_TAB by InheritanceMode.SINGLE_TABLE
Anomalie #4090: Error in template with none parsed entity superclass
Anomalie #4092: Fix inheritance of non-entity class
Anomalie #4102: Demact generated by unit tests doesn't have fixtures assets
Anomalie #4106: Values files was generated with empty content
Anomalie #4107: Exception on generate crud when strings.xml doesn't exists
Anomalie #4110: Relation ManyToMany bidirectionnal doesn't work
Anomalie #4123: NullPointerException in model parsing when @Table()
Anomalie #4124: Generated IntentService must not be started in Application start


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