Jeremy C.

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  • Plateforme - iPhone: Yes
  • Plateforme - Windows Mobile: Yes
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12:20 PM Harmony Evolution #16375 (Résolu): Deal with the Lombok NoArgConstructor
Appliqué par commit commit:origin|b46085b85e06da12029d360288ebbdb0940bad97.
11:40 AM Harmony Evolution #16387 (Nouveau): Update widgets with androidx lib ones.
Change with androidx.appcompat.widget.AppCompatXXX (Spinners/ DateTimeWidget / DatWidget)
11:37 AM Harmony Evolution #16386 (Résolu): replace deprecated getLoaderManager().initLoader(0, null, this)
replace getLoaderManager().initLoader(0, null, this) by LoaderManager.getInstance(this).initLoader(0, null, this)
11:36 AM Harmony Evolution #16385 (Nouveau): Change Rest api library
See which library to use instead
11:35 AM Harmony Evolution #16383 (Nouveau): Add the android_version.gradle mechanism
Check with erwan : generate the gradle with the android_version.gradle mechanism.
11:34 AM Harmony Evolution #16382 (Nouveau): Generate dependencies by parser/writer Gradle instead of local lib folder
check and add line of dependancy if don’t exists in gradle (for copied libraries)
11:32 AM Harmony Evolution #16381 (Nouveau): Switch gradle (all version to bin one)
In harmony's and android (template) gradle wrapper properties file, change to bin
11:30 AM Harmony Evolution #16380 (Nouveau): Move the gradle files from lib folder
See where to move the files instead of the lib folder
11:29 AM Harmony Evolution #16379 (Nouveau): Add final where needed.
Add final keyword on parameters when needed
11:28 AM Harmony Evolution #16378 (Nouveau): Update tags definition
Tags should if too long : Only keep the caps letters and the end of the class name.

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